Aura Online Shopping was born from a need by myself and family and friends to create a site that caters for   anything and everything you could possibly need and find easily without having to trudge to different sites to find what you are after.

So, we hunted, browsed and clicked our way through many a days and nights to find sites that would allow us to advertise them through affiliate marketing  and in the process earn some cash while hosting these sites.

And, here we are..

We are still in the process of tweaking and updating the site as well as getting awareness of its existence through various marketing methods available online. This has not been easy and still remains a challenge for our little team of two to peruse through various options and offers by various marketeers and search engine available out there.

We welcome the challenge to put something of “quality” and “user-friendly” out there, keeping to our original idea of making it simple and easy to click through the site and find content and products that would cater for a “variety” of persons that visit the site.

So far we are getting the click throughs and the numbers are growing slowly and surely.

We dont anticipate this to be an over night viral site, but a site that will eventually create its own niche in this rat paced cut throat online shopping forum and eventually build a following that will enable it to be a ongoing shopping site for future persons to enjoy .

AURA ONLINE SHOPPING is a site that is here to stay and we hope that persons interested in this kind of website will visit and support it as a venue for everything and anything you need.