Email Extractor 14 is an award-winning software for extracting thousands of email addresses within seconds using one of the following extraction methods.

~Extract emails from the search engines, using keywords.
~Extract emails from local files in your computer.
~Extract emails from a website/domain e.g twitter,facebook.

It works by extracting email addresses from websites from all over the world, based on either a domain name, or based on a search criteria that you choose. It quickly and neatly extracts emails from websites through an advanced search of the top search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
With our extractor, you can add thousands of emails to your contact list in just a matter of a few minutes. The software will also eliminate any duplicate emails and emails that are not from sites where your search is focused.
Designed to eliminate hours and hours of monotonous work, Email Extractor searches and finds the results you want faster than any human could possibly hope to imagine. It can gather thousands of email addresses, minus the ones that you aren’t interested in, and compile them into a neat email contact list that is imported into the email account of your choosing.
Within minutes, your advertising and email campaign has doubled, tripled, or maybe even quadrupled its territory.

Email Extractor 14 is the perfect program to take your email campaigning strategies to the next level. As you may or may not know, having a large email list is the life blood of any successful email marketing campaign. Using our software will give you fresh emails whenever you need them, and right at the click of a button.
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