No coding. No tech. It just works.

Today GetResponse is making a huge leap forward in email design.
Forget creating separate email versions for desktop and mobile, forget coding or paying extra for mobile versions of your newsletters. From now on, every email you create in GetResponse will look good both on desktop and mobile, and all you have to do is put the pieces together in Email Creator, just as you’ve been doing all along. Here’s how it works:
Sure, we’ve had one-column email templates before, (which, however, remained one-column both for desktop and mobile devices). But this is so much more than that. Today, you can build any email design or use any email template inside GetResponse, with as many columns as you like (well, within reason, of course 😉 ) and it will turn into one column on a mobile phone, with a neat layout and large, clear images. No horizontal scrolling to see the whole newsletter or zooming in to read the text or click a link.
All templates are now responsive
No matter whether you choose one of the pre-designed templates or start building your newsletter from scratch, all your emails will be mobile-ready and will display as one column on most of the available mobile phones (with the latest versions of Android or iOS systems).
And that’s without any extra work required from you. It just works.
But instead of me describing how it works, see it for yourself: